Living room with stairs


Floorproof arose because we, van Overbeek Meubelprojekten (a project designer from the Netherlands with 33 years of experience in this field), have always been looking for a good glide. Based on the various questions, applications and floors, we eventually embraced this system and put it further on the market. So we mainly supplied these caps under the furniture supplied by us to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We have been approaching the private market since 2014 and there has also been a great demand for a good cap. Especially the annoyance of existing caps made people look for a good solution. Floorproof is this solution.


Simple black room interior with wooden floor, yellow chair, mirror and cabinet

With this tool you can determine exactly which product you need.



The floorproof seat caps are easy to assemble. Whether you have a wooden or iron chair leg, sled frame or wire frame, we have a suitable cap. The basis is a one-time purchase, you only need to replace the insert when it is worn out. If you have any questions or would like to know which base you need, please contact us.